About Q@TN




  1. Aligning all Trentino actors in the field of quantum science and technology (QST) and developing a common strategy
  2. Covering most aspects of QST merging the relevant expertise of the Partner Institutions
  3. Singling out Trentino as a reference point at European level in the area of QST

Q@TN operates within the framework of the newly launched Quantum Technologies Flagship. Q@TN coordinates the scientific and technological research and the high education in QST in Trentino, increasing the impact of the activity already carried out by local researchers in strategic areas of quantum science. Q@TN aims to attract further resources from national and international funding organisations.




  • Promote and strengthen synergies between the various teams with different competences, from fundamental quantum science to technological applications;
  • Pursue a program focused on consolidating the international visibility of the research actors, to assume a central role in the European landscape and increase the success rate in competitive bids on QT Flagship calls;
  • Boost research activities in this area by activating a number of positions for young researchers based on inter-team research initiatives, consolidating research, creating interdisciplinary critical mass, and competing for funding.
  • Promote the transfer of knowledge and technologies in collaboration with industry and in the forms supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).






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